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Aim to provide consultant and investment in various company
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At WiSE&OK co., ltd, we do have professionals in various firm who can help and guide you through your business time. Contact us for more details in each business you need.

Real Estate



Our company was originally established as Banker. In collaboration with WiSE, the largest Japanese free magazines in Thailand, we aim to consult and invest in Thailand business with Japanese customers.

The company main business is to establishes with a local subsidiary consulting and invest on real estate and, in the future, we will provide the services that needs to be done for Japanese companies in order to expand their business in Thailand. We are also considering establishing a new business together with excellent Thai people.

We believe that our company strength point is “Trustiness”, and that it is our mission to provide safe services from the customer’s perspective and grow together with customers.

Hideki Usui

We are a business consulting company for Japanese investors from all over the world as well as Japanese businessmen based in Thailand. Our services are real estate business and various investments, we also provide job placement and recruitment services in Thailand to find potential co-workers for your organization. As for the job applicants, they will get the job that meets their goals because we encourage people to work happily and continuously progress. Another important thing in doing business is the accounting and tax system. Which you don’t have to worry about because we have accounting services and consulting on accounting and tax as well.

Starting a business in Thailand is not difficult anymore, we WiSE&OK team are ready to support and make your dreams come true. Let’s grow together

Pooncharas Chotilapasanan
Director & Project Manager

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